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artist statement

"I see beauty and a potential for one-of-a kind jewelry creation in almost everything I find. I love to mix unexpected materials, forms and textures and to combine them in unconventional ways to create minimalistic and contemporary pieces of wearable art"  


Dagmara Costello creates art in various forms, constantly experimenting and searching for new facets of expression. Her jewelry is contemporary and simplistic but still elegant and artful.

She combines sterling silver ,14kt yellow gold, diamonds pearls and unexpected materials like rubber, nylon and .....recycled glass in very unconventional but functional ways.

Dagmara Costello's work involves a variety of technical applications that allow her to create conceptual and aesthetic works. The artist hand-forms and fabricates a myriad of materials to create her artful pieces.

Dagmara studied art and jewelry design in Europe, creating her first one-of-the-kind jewelry pieces in Krakow ,Poland her hometown, before relocating to the United States 

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